The Shred – Week 9, Day 56 – 62 – It’s all Downhill from Here

Two months of no alcohol have come and gone now and still going strong. It has gone really quickly though and I it’s been an eye-opener in many ways, I certainly didn’t think the progress would be as slow as this as I definitely believed the hype that it was the answer to all my weight loss woes. Now I know.

This was a bit of a strange week, when I look back I realise that I had several headaches which is unusual and I can’t say I was as focused as I normally am. I mainly spent my time on my Bullet Journal which wasn’t necessarily functional but definitely more therapeutic. I had some friends requiring additional support which is my top priority and meant my week was a bit fuzzy. I also went through my career experience and looked for the holes that might need plugging and came up with a few new ideas I hope to see come to fruition for me in the near future. Exciting times I can tell you.

I am getting quite excited about the prospect of finishing off my PT course fairly soon now, it’s been a long hard slog but apparently, very disappointingly, I am NOT the winner of the award for the longest time taken to complete the qualification, but I AM the recipient of the most dramatic injuries award. YAY me. No more of those thanks.

As that picture, over there on the right, suggests I will be looking at my food more closely. This is actually one of my favourite dishes, toast with Avocado, Boiled Eggs (I prefer mine soft and running onto the toast), with spinach and a lot of black pepper. This would work out to 341 calories which is not many for a breakfast or lunch, so double up and you’ve whacked your calories up in line with your TDEE. Also, the egg is 40% protein, only 6g but still a win. And 4g of fat. The trick is going to be really focusing on my Macros for the next couple of weeks and tweaking my Micronutrients too, to ensure that I am at optimum health.


Weights and Measures
Week 9 was a  plateau week on the scales, sort of a planned one because I needed to get my head in the game for the upcoming challenge. Last week I spoke about my preparation for the SleekGeeks 8-week Challenge and this was it, I slacked on my water, I didn’t get all my steps in and I had another terrible MFP tracking week although better than the week before, it’s like I was rebelling ahead of the Challenge, but this week it gets real. Really real.

 Week 2Week 3Week 4
 Left Bicep DNM No change No change
Right Bicep  DNM-1cm +1 (YEAH Gun Show)
Neck  DNMNo change No change
Breasts  DNM-4.5cm (YAY) -2cm (YAY)
Above the Breast  No Change-1cm -2cm
Below the Breast -2.5cmNo change -0.5cm
 Waist-1cm-2cm -1.5cm
Belly Button -2.5cm-1.5cm -0.5cm
Hips -4cm-3cm -2cm
Bum-2cmNo Change -0.5cm
Left QuadDNM-1.5cm No change
Right Quad DNM-0.5cm No change
Left CalfDNM-0.5cm -0.5cm
Right CalfDNMNo change No change
Total-12cm-15.5cm -9.5cm

Another 9.5cm overall, I’m going to admit it and say I was pleasantly surprised. Given that I am starting the SleekGeek Challenge on 18 September, I ate all sorts of rubbish this week that I won’t be eating for the next 8 weeks, think sugar, simple carbs and crisps. I did that on purpose if I’m honest, that was a definite weightloss trigger strategy, almost a refeed. The next refeed will be in Berlin 13-16 October and will consist of too many German pretzels (mmmm happiness is…) and celebratory German beers, returning to London for a Challenge weigh-in (eek) and a severe shred. Yes, more experimentation on myself, it’s a necessary evil or as I prefer to say, it’s all in the name of research.

Gym Sessions

Mr Funny aka my PT Kam thought that it would be hilarious to start my training off with some TRX Training after a Sunday filled with TRX. Haha, I’m still laughing. NOT. Actually I enjoyed it, because I’m a sadist like that. This week’s Strength and Conditioning workouts were:

Superset:TRX Rollouts10 reps 4 sets
TRX Glute Bridges10 reps 4 sets
Superset:Squats16 Reps40kg4 sets
Shoulder Press12 reps8kg4 sets
Superset:Unilateral Cable Press12 reps per side17.5kg4 sets
Reverse Lunge with Cable Row12 reps17.5kg4 sets
Cable Tricep Overhead Extension12 Reps17.5kg4 sets

And the usual five minutes rolling my calves, hamstrings, quads and IT-bands on the FIVE Mobility Equipment – Fascia Massage Simulator (Third SPace really need to get more of these, it’s the most popular item in the gym and the only one with a queue).

I’ve just got my notice through that I have been accepted onto the Kettlebell training in December, eek! I better sort my hip out before then and get the all-clear from my team.

Injuries to the Athlete continued… 

I still have a tight hip and an even tighter neck. So I am monitoring both closely with a view to taking treatment when Kam’s techniques no longer work. To be fair to him, he sorted out my lower back pain, my knee, my ankle, my shoulders and my hip flexors so it’s no joke when I say he’s the best PT I have ever had. Like all PT’s he’s terrible at listening, or rather at hearing what you are saying, but that does not apply to injury, he takes every injury as seriously as if it were life threatening possibly because they can be life changing.


SleekGeek 8-Week Summer Challenge

Just a reminder, the SleekGeek 8-week Summer Challenge is a South African 8-week weight loss and body transformation challenge. As I mentioned above, I am prepped and ready and have submitted all my measurements and photos (I’ll save your eyes and not share those here, yet) and it’s all go go go.



Challenge Goals:

  • 8 hours sleep
  • No screen time 2 hours before bed (this will help my neck too)
  • 5 workouts per week (if no gym, 15,000 steps a day, this is 10km)
  • 2 Recovery Days (Wednesday and Sunday)
  • No alcohol
  • 1,800 calories/ day (800 calorie deficit from TDEE)
  • 1kg/week loss
  • Macros (Carbs: 50% 900 calories, Protein: 30% 540 calories and Fat: 20% 360 calories)

Join me next week as I run through Week 1 of the SleekGeek 8-week Challenge.

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