The Shred – Week 7, Day 42 – 48 – Habits breed Success

Week 7 was a bit of a strange one for me as I only had one PT session and was seated in a course for 4 full days. I really hated my life sitting on my backside for 14 hours – you read right, 14 hours. Honestly, I don’t know how people can sit still for so long, nevermind concentrate. My brain was and is fried, I really struggled to switch my mind off the course at bedtime and that meant my rest wasn’t refreshing. I am still trying to return to all cylinders firing. I realise that this puts me at risk of illness and injury so the focus has for the week ahead has to turn mostly to getting my nutrition back on track. A few huge positives for me from the course I attended, on Public Speaking, was creating new content for my Coaching but also I made two wonderful new friends, it was uncanny how close we seem to have gotten and how fast. Being removed from your comfort zone and trusting the other person’s vibe was instrumental here. Your vibe creates your tribe, keep vibrating UP!

No alcohol is becoming the new normal rather than a habit I am trying to overcome and I actually feel quite proud of myself when I turn down alcoholic drinks or say “I don’t drink alcohol”. I am sure the confused looks will soon fade as people grow used to it. Remember this No Alcohol Project is about me experimenting on myself. I have had numerous PTs over the years tell me that dropping alcohol would see me lose 15-20kgs in 3 months, by only removing alcohol. More than halfway in and that is nowhere close to my Truth. I use a capital T on truth there because it is the truth of my body, my life, my internal workings. It may not be true for you, or people you know. I wanted to test the theory which seemed too simplistic to me and frankly, I still think it is too simple. It doesn’t take into consideration my stress levels, my overall health, my diet or exercise. And for it to be a completely scientific experiment, I would need several hundred other participants, probably in a double-blind test. Remember that when a PT is telling you what WILL work. It’s just not necessarily true for you., question EVERYTHING. Additionally, I could hardly say (when qualified as a PT) to a client that it 100% works, without trying it myself. I think going forward, that is after the experiment, I will reduce the amount of alcohol I consume in general and I will be more picky about the events at which I will drink. I love wine, especially champagne and I don’t really want to be teetotal, but I am enjoying this alcohol-free period of my life, for now.


Weights and Measures
Another 500g off this week which is very surprising, because I was on the course away from home for 4 days and frankly, the days
were very long, the exercise was non-existent, water consumption was lower and the diet was awful since we were a captive audience in an Airport Hotel (not strictly anywhere near the airport but that’s another blog post in itself) with no other choices. By far Novotel Heathrow is the worst Novotel offering, but I digress. I did, however, measure 6 of the usual 14 key body points, time constraints made it difficult to measure more. And the result was MIND BLOWING – a total of 12 centimetres in a week. Unbelievable. I am ecstatic, imagine what would’ve happened if I hadn’t been eating restaurant food and been seated for 4 days solid. The measurement sites were – bra band, upper chest, waist, belly button, hips and buttocks. Last week was also terrible from an MFP point of view as I didn’t track while on the course but I do know I would’ve been under my 1,800 calorie target – not good, that deficit is too great.


Success is not an Action but a Habit
We become what we do repeatedly, excellence, therefore, is a habit, not a singular action. As you can see, by not planning those 4-days properly and researching the area fully, I ended up with a break in my habits and I am pretty disappointed with myself but on the plus side, I didn’t drink any alcohol. I have created a habits tracker in my bullet journal and I religiously track items daily (the no sugar rule seems to be the only one I can’t stick to – I like fruit too much) and even though I took the journal with me and tracked my habits, I didn’t manage to complete more than 50% of the list. The point I am making here is that poor planning has wrecked many days of proper tracking and that means in future I will have to plan/ research better, especially given that I am in training for most of Week 8 (PT Course) and in October I am in a 5-day Summit in Phoenix. Jetlag and flying don’t really go well with weight loss and cause water retention. YAY!  


Gym Sessions

My High-Repetition Weights Sessions this week were:

Single Leg Glute bridge 10 x 4

Leg and Arm Extension 10 x 4

Squat Thrust with Barbell Lever 10 x 4

Single Leg Deadlift – 10 x 4 per leg

Upright Row 10 x 4

Standing Pallof Press 10 x 4

Press ups 10 x 4

And five minutes rolling my calves, hamstrings, quads and IT-bands on the FIVE Mobility Equipment – Fascia Massage Simulator as usual.

(IT-Bands: The Illiotibial band is a tendonous and fascial band which runs from the glutes to the shin, attaching at the hip and the knee. It is often bloody sore when massaged.)

(All 14 Measurement Points: Neck, Left bicep, Right Bicep, Chest – above breasts, Chest, over breasts, Chest – under breasts, Waist, Stomach at Belly Button, Hips, Buttocks, Left Thigh, Right Thigh, Left Calf, Right Calf)

Join me next week as I share my experiences of three days in a Personal Training Classroom. This week’s classes which I will cover, are Circuit Training, Core Training and Suspension Conditioning Training. I will also be having my normal Personal Training sessions.

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Also, I’ve decided to take part in the Sleekgeeks 8-week challenge. More about that next week. (It IS a summer challenge, just it is the Southern Hemisphere Summer).


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