The Shred – Week 6, Day 35 – 41 – What is life without goals?

Six weeks without alcohol and I still feel no change. I have however lost an overall total of 3.5kgs. This move in the scales over the last week could be because I have made sure that my water intake is consistently 4.5 litres every day. This is a scary prospect for quite a few of you, particularly those who have mentioned that they can’t stand the taste of water. Personally, I love water it is my favourite drink outside of alcohol so I don’t really understand the sentiment, however I do I know it is very common.

The benefits of the right level of water consumption are – clearer,  brighter skin; reduced water retention; increased energy; reduction in toxins in the body; improved regularity (of the bowel, if you get me); reduces headaches and cramps. The Water Retention point sounds counterintuitive, however if you are dehydrated then your hypothalamus will receive signals from the receptors in the blood vessels that you are thirsty and must drink something immediately or you are going to DIE! After all, dehydration is eventually fatal. The hypothalamus then sends signals to the cells to begin storing water. Even your kidneys will get involved, reversing excretion of urine and reabsorbing the water therein. Nice huh? You will look puffy and feel bloated and heavy. Your body will continue to retain water until it is convinced that you have changed your ways and begun to drink enough fluids. This could take up to a week, at which point your hypothalamus will send a signal to your cells to release the excess water, thus reducing the water retention. Your urine should be a pale yellow, straw colour if it is darker, you need more water. Another nasty side effect of too little water is kidney stones, those are not fun, they are extremely painful.

Water is your friend. However, if you really cannot stomach it, add some fruit to the water (Try an Aquablend Water Infuser) or a dash of cordial, but try to limit the sugar and where possible, limit the fake sugar too (anything that tastes THAT bad, can’t be good for you).

Weights and Measures

I am weighing myself daily as promised and the scales show the fluctuations on a daily basis. Up 700g down 500g here and there, which allowed me to assess what was different on each day. By logging everything I consume into MFP, I can easily tell what the problem is. I am also doing weekly measurements, the reason for this is that muscle is more dense than fat and therefore appears smaller than the same amount of fat i.e. 5kg of muscle takes up much less space than 5kg of fat. Therefore, I may not lose any scale weight, but I might be getting smaller and I can only determine this with regular and comprehensive measurements.

Goals, Goals, Goals

I have chosen an overall goal of 40kgs (or 88lbs) off. I don’t know what this will actually look like on me as our family build is short and stocky, built for power and stamina not necessarily speed. As this goal gets closer, I will have a better idea of whether or not this goal suits my frame, but in the meantime a goal is required, so a goal is set and I am nothing, if not a goal achiever. I also realise this is a long-term goal and could take a full year, if not longer, to achieve.

Additionally, this will see me reduce from a size 18UK (US14; SA 14-16) to a 8UK (US4; SA4-6). As I say, this feels super tiny to me and I’m not certain it wil suit me or be right for my frame. I will perhaps need to adjust this goal as it approaches, especially given my penchant for weight-lifting. But first, I must get there and that comes with gym sessions – more kickboxing, weights sessions and cycling.

Gym Sessions

My High-Repetition Weights Sessions this week were:

Plank 45 seconds x 3

Glute bridge 10 x 3

Reverse lunge with pull cable 12 x 4

Split Squat with Cable Punch 12 x 4

Bent over standing row 10 x 3

Bench Press 10 x 3

Lat Pull Down x 10 x 4

Shoulder Press 10 x 4

And five minutes rolling my calves, hamstrings, quads and IT-bands on the FIVE Mobility Equipment – Fascia Massage Simulator (this awesome machine looks a bit like a bumpy steam roller, it spins on a low or high frequency with the intention of massaging the fascia, it is pretty much like a big foam roller but is electric and goes deeper.)

IT-Bands: The Illiotibial band is a tendonous and fascial band which runs from the glutes to the shin, attaching at the hip and the knee. It is often bloody sore when massaged.

Join me next week as I share my experiences of Conditioning Training and how being stuck in a classroom for 4 days at 12 hours a day effects me ?. Feel free to like, comment and share, just use the buttons below.

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