The Shred – Week 11, Day 70 – 76 – Strength and Conditioning

I went to a 40th birthday party on the weekend, it was in a German Beer Cellar in London Bridge. It felt very wrong to not be drinking beer while there but I persisted. Pints of water are just not the same really, but I had a lot of fun and plenty of dancing. The food was typical German style – sausages, pretzels and sauerkraut etc. I do love a good German pretzel, not the crunchy tiny variety. The thing is, I have never had one without beer. Boy are they salty! Salty in a way that water just will not do, it is definitely a job for beer as I found the saltiness in my mouth never really dissipated which has never happened before. Well played Germany, well played. I expect to test this theory again at the end of Week 13 in Berlin. I’ll let you know.

I am getting bored of the no alcohol challenge, not because I really want to drink but because I have removed my choices. But there are now only 11 days left of the challenge which leaves me with some mixed emotions and some big decisions to make. But I acknowledge I am bored.

I also got some great feedback that the weight-loss is definitely visible and I am looking good. And then came the more surprising feedback from someone I’ve only met a couple of times who said he really admired my strength and ability to not drink a) for so long and b) at a social event where everyone is trying to give me shots. He said that I was a real inspiration to him. It is so rare to receive that kind of feedback from people that I was really taken aback and so grateful. Another bit of feedback was from someone who said they read my blog every week, which was also a nice surprise since there is very little interaction with the blog and made me realise that I am actually reaching people, I am helping them. Some just don’t want to publicly acknowledge it. So onwards and upwards.

Weights and Measures

Not much progress in the measurements department to speak of this week, but I have lost a total of 8cm off my tummy which is fantastic. There’s a fair way to go yet but 8cm (3 inches) is a lot. Hopefully, this continues for the remainder of the SleekGeeks Challenge and the scale continues to go down with it.

 Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
 Left Bicep DNM No change No change -1cmNo change
Right Bicep  DNM-1cm +1 (YEAH Gun Show) -1.5cmNo change
Neck  DNMNo change No change No ChangeNo change
Breasts  DNM-4.5cm (YAY) -2cm (YAY) No Change 🙁-1cm
Above the Breast  No Change-1cm -2cm -1cmNo change
Below the Breast -2.5cmNo change -0.5cm -1.5cmNo change
 Waist-1cm-2cm -1.5cm -0.5cmNo change
Belly Button -2.5cm-1.5cm -0.5cm -2cm-2cm
Hips -4cm-3cm -2cm -3cmNo change
Bum-2cmNo Change -0.5cm -1cm-2cm
Left QuadDNM-1.5cm No change -0.5cmNo change
Right Quad DNM-0.5cm No change -1cmNo change
Left CalfDNM-0.5cm -0.5cm No changeNo change
Right CalfDNMNo change No change -0.5cmNo change
Total-12cm-15.5cm -9.5cm -13.5cm-5cm

Another 5cm and 0.4kg down this week. The scale keeps moving and the centimetres keep coming off, I’m obviously doing the right things.

Gym Sessions

With my Personal Training module “client” away on a Golf Tour, this week was a focus on training myself only. Due to the assessment and nature of the content of the PT Module, we have started Olympic lifting, with a view to understanding the muscles, joints and movements of each exercise. It is really great to have a Trainer who is as interested in your academic development as you are, it helps that he is a Musculoskeletal Medical Professional.  This week’s Strength and Conditioning workouts were:

Giant Set:

Double Leg Glute Bridge12 repsN/A4 sets
Single Leg Glute Bridge12 reps per sideN/A
Plank30 seconds N/A
Plank Extension, alternate arm and leg12 reps per sideN/A
Single Sets:Clean and Jerk12 Reps20kg4 sets
Singles:Lat Pull Down12 Reps35kg4 sets
Superset:Bent Over Barbell Row12 reps22.5kg4 sets
Dumbbell Shoulder Press12 reps8kg4 sets

I am also completing a Couch to 5k, having had to stop running during my knee injury and recovery. I am not the biggest fan of running as I find it extremely boring, but that makes it a big challenge for me, so I run. I find it interesting though that all the Couch to 5k apps start at 30-minute sessions and a cyclical approach of one full minute of running with 90 seconds walking. Having trained for half marathons, I had to start from the proverbial couch back in 2011 and had someone asked me to run for 1 minute I may have dropped dead on the spot. But this app is suggesting couch potatoes can repeat this cycle 12 times. I can’t see how that is going to encourage the super-unfit. However, I have committed to do the process properly so that means each workout as it comes, as I want to see if it leads to a 5k PB and perhaps and a newly developed love for running which it might do since it’s a mindset thing and I spent the full 30 minutes reminding myself step by step that “I love running”, if I say it enough I’ll come to believe it, surely? I completed the thirty minutes easily, it is not 5k afterall, then got back on my bike and rode home. If you are an ultra-beginner and would like a “real beginners” guide to getting to 5k, do get in touch, I’m happy to help.

I have been ultra-productive from a work perspective, which means I have neglected my self-care a bit over the last 6 days which is not ideal. This means I only completed 54,000 of my 70,000 planned steps, interestingly Apple Watch does not include mileage on a bicycle, which means I can add a further 10km or 15,000 steps to my weekly total, which would take me to 69,000. Week 12 will hopefully see an improvement in my daily steps or a better way of tracking all mileage.

In other news – Third Space answered my requests and got us another Fascia Massage Simulator, I love it when gym management listen to their members.

Injuries to the Athlete continued… 

None. Every week injury-free is a reason to celebrate.

SleekGeek 8-Week Summer Challenge

Another week of the SleekGeek 8-week Summer Challenge is over. It was another successful week and kept my eating clean, my training was just how I like my martinis – filthy but my sleep was a bit broken and I kept going to bed extra late.

Challenge Goals:

  • 8 hours sleep ✅
  • No screen time 2 hours before bed  ✅ (I reduced my screen time significantly this week and that led to a significant increase in productivity, if I ignored your messages or Social Media interactions, I’m sorry.)
  • 5 workouts per week (if no gym, 15,000 steps a day, this is 10km)  ✅
  • 2 Recovery Days (Wednesday and Sunday) ✅ (3 actually)
  • No alcohol ✅
  • 1,800 calories/ day (800 calorie deficit from TDEE) ✅
  • 1kg/week loss ✅
  • Macros (Carbs: 50% 900 calories, Protein: 30% 540 calories and Fat: 20% 360 calories) ✅

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