Progressing into Total Fitness – Week 2, Day 7-13 – Welcome to the Shred

This was a week of firsts. The first time I have been to watch a cricket match and not had any alcohol. The first Braai (South African Barbecue) this year with no alcohol. And finally the first weigh in since giving up alcohol two weeks ago.

I was quite excited for this weigh in as during the week, after a seminar I attended, I needed to run for the bus. Running was no problem, it hasn’t been for some years (bar the ankle break and the knee collapse), what did appear to be a problem was keeping my jeans up. I almost missed my bus because I had to stop to pull my jeans up or face the embarrassment of a face-plant in Russell Square with my jeans around my ankles. Fantastically, centimetres are falling off, which I was hoping to see in a big way on the scale, after a very long plateau, I am down 1.4kg (or 3lbs) in 2 weeks. I should probably add that in those 2 weeks I have no added any additional exercise, in fact I have been on antibiotics and feeling rather sorry for myself with no energy and have been sleeping more than training.

Not drinking has become easier, I’m not thinking about it all the time and I am no longer head in hands thinking I’ve made a huge mistake. In fact, I’ve never been more committed to this experiment and feel a growing sense of clarity. I am also increasingly amused by other people’s reactions, who mainly seem concerned that I may have quit alcohol forever. The biggest corner I had to turn was the one where I realised that drinking had become a habit and like all habits, we are programmed to do them automatically but if we make the conscious choice and put in the effort, then habits no matter how engrained, can be modified, stopped or even reversed. We just need to choose a reality in which the habit no longer fits. This leaves room to create new habits, a new normal.


That new normal includes a new training schedule and now that I am off the antibiotics and feeling marginally better, I will be focusing on my food and training. My training schedule is usually heavily reliant on a personal trainer even though I am qualified to create the plans myself, because I like the extra push, the additional accountability, but it also revolves heavily around martial arts, specifically Kickboxing fitness, heavy weights and functional training for which I need a spotter or a partner. The functional training is designed as rehab to continue to strengthen both my left knee and my right ankle, both of which are finally not giving me any trouble or pain at all (Ankle 4 years post op; knee 18 months post op). However, this week coming will be largely self-led as my Personal Trainer is off mortgage shopping.

I plan to do 4x 30-minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions this week, one heavy weight session and a kickboxing session, which no doubt will lead to me overdoing it as usual. I have decided to rename my fitness journey “The Shred”, because hopefully the scales keep going down thus resulting in a shredded version of my former self.


Join me next week for the recap of training. If you would like to follow me on MyFitnessPal (from hereon referred to as MFP) my username is: Vixipixi. I am working on a daily deficit of 800 calories, my Macros are C50%; P20% and F30% and total calories 2000/day.

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