Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned: Expectations

The Weight of Expecting Other’s Support

I thought it would be beneficial, this month, to talk about some of the lessons learned during my entrepreneurial journeys, since it’s not always plain sailing and it’s always better to be informed than to go into things completely blind. This week I wanted to focus on an emotional topic, one I hear about quite frequently and that’s expecting other people to support you and your dream.


Expectation of Others 

It is easy when setting up your business to expect your friends and family to join and share your social media groups and tell the world how wonderful you and your business are. I mean, why wouldn’t they tell everyone if they really care about you? And when they don’t you think it’s because they don’t support you or your dreams. 


The thing is, your business or products may not be of interest to them, or they may not be able to afford the items you are selling, they may not want to open the floodgates of having every person on their socials ask them to like and share their businesses, or they may not use social media very much – I know, shock horror. Just because business owners or their teams have to spend a significant amount of time engaging with social media, does not mean the rest of the world has the same priorities.


Think about all the friends and connections you never see any posts from, is that because they hardly use the platform, or is it because you don’t engage with their content, so they don’t even see your posts? The algorithms on socials are the bane of my life and change so frequently that it’s actually a full-time job for some people in digital marketing to figure out and tell the rest of us about. I guess the lesson here, is don’t assume people don’t support you just because they don’t support your social media or business. You just don’t know what is happening in other people’s worlds. 


Sometimes, we also expect others to pitch in and help us out because of the extended hours and effort we are putting in working on our dreams, but it’s just not realistic to expect anything without communication. If you don’t communicate what is happening in your business and your needs with your family and friends, then you cannot reasonably expect them to read your mind. Communicate clearly and fully. 


As a business owner, the best advice I can give you on this is, be compassionate with yourself and your home tribe as much as with your business tribe. Focus on your business and keep posting your content and building your visibility and social proof. The sooner you come to terms with the idea that some people, even friends, will never understand your business and therefore won’t support it, but there are others who will support every single thing you touch. If you are not finding the right level of support, get a Coach or join a Mastermind, incidentally I can offer you both – drop me an email or let’s have a chat


Others’ Expectations of You

Like it or not, other people will have expectations of you too, but you have to manage the boundaries of the relationships. This is your business, and you need to shape and build or offload the relationships that become deadweight, be they customers, suppliers or employees. You will have to disappoint people time and again as you grow and scale your business, just be careful how you do so, because if you leave them bitter you will suffer the consequences. 


It is important to consider the emotional aspects of a business, because it can be a complete rollercoaster that leaves you feeling elated at times and in the doldrums at other times. If you manage your emotional and mental health constantly, then you will stand yourself in better stead to not to find yourself completely overwhelmed by entrepreneurship. Read more about overwhelm here


What are some surprising things you have learned on your entrepreneurial journey? Comment below. 

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