Fittest by Forty – Weeks 6 & 7

I’ll admit it, I’ve been slack in writing. I don’t really believe in making excuses but I do acknowledge that life sometimes gets in the way and in terms of week 6, I didn’t really have much in the way of an update in exercise or healthy eating because I was on holiday.


Week 6

In week 6, I flew out to Austin, Texas to watch the US Grand Prix (or F1 if you prefer) and also to see P!NK who was conveniently performing at The Circuit of the Americas on the same weekend. It was also the weekend of the Rugby World Cup Final which saw my team, South Africa take on England, to eventually win and become World Champions on the same morning (4am) as the GP and the concert. To say it was a party would be a serious understatement.

I barely had any sleep and I walked for miles and miles and just ate terrible food. But, for the most part I got to switch off from responsibilities back in the UK. I did have some work calls to deal with but that’s what happens when you’re leading a complicated project. Somehow, in spite of eating meals ridiculously high in calories (staying within my calorie range but definitely not my macro allocation) and not going to the gym (lots of walking instead), I managed to lose weight while in the US. I am now a full 2 sizes down and still declining. The numbers aren’t huge, but I guess the difference is that it’s not  water weight or muscle this time, it’s actually fat so losing 200g of fat is actually amazing and I will take that. I had terrible jet lag in the US, I had no idea what time it was or which way was up for my entire stay there. I was better but not 100%. when I got back to the UK so I slept for the whole of my first day back. I am sleeping so much better than I was before I left, so plenty of good has come out of the trip. And I had a great time. It was a much needed break. Plus… Cowboys 💁


Week 7

I started Week 7 with aplomb, I was well rested and ready to get back into it. I got into work extra early and we were slammed all week but I did not let that stop me from training and eating according to my macro plan. I was so stoked that I just picked up where I left off. In the past, I wouldn’t have done so, I would have come back and just “forgotten” about my new habits but they are now so engrained that I cannot deviate from plan.

Emotionally it was a good week for me, full of achievements, reconnections with people I love and reaffirming my friendships with others, all whilst eating and sleeping really well. It was a great week looking back at it. I saw a larger number of friends than usual and I am reminded again how very lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life. I chose well and I continue to choose well.

Other contributions to a positive weeks are major work wins with a complex Townhall series landing well with a 97% attendance rate, which in my career to date is unheard of. I am highly ambitious and really hate to be bored or not achieving, if either happens, I cause mischief. There was only a tiny bit of mischief this week so it was a real win.

My training was on point and powerful, my hamstrings and glutes may not agree but I can walk properly again today so that’s great news.

All in all, week 7 was full of hope and love and I am happy.


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