Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned: Focus

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Stay In Your Lane

A motorway with Probably the biggest lesson I learnt on my entrepreneurial journey, and continue to learn to this day, is to follow my own intuition when it comes to my business. It is easy to take other people’s “you should’s” and “have you trieds” onboard, but you will just cloud your focus and the intention you have for your business, because they do not understand your business the way that you do.

Equally, it is easy to get swept up in the hype of the people we admire who are doing things really well and thinking that what they are doing and the way they are doing it is the only thing that will work for you. But they are not you and just because ClickFunnels works for them, doesn’t mean it will fit your budget or your business.

When you spend too long focusing on someone else’s journey you will lose the direction of your own path. Focusing on the innovations and moves others are making, makes it very hard to focus on your own journey.

6 or 7-figure businesses 🙄 (*hard eye roll) 

An emoji rolling its eyes The tagline de-jour for entrepreneurs in their marketing is to refer to their 6-figure or 7-figure business, which can leave you as a newbie feeling deflated and as if you are failing. You are not failing. There is a massive difference between a 6-figure business and a 6-figure profit. If someone pops up in my timeline referring to their 6-figure business, I just delete them because mainly, I don’t resonate with them.

Businesses have expenses and often most of that turnover is cumulative and/or expenses. If you insist on “staying in your lane” and not focusing on what other people are saying they are doing, you will save yourself a huge amount of heartache and probably anxiety.

You and your business are unique and that is the main USP. You and I could setup exactly the same business, same products, same name, the works and we would still not have the same result, because we are not the same people. We have different values, beliefs, skills, and priorities. And that is the best news because it means that it’s less about competition than you thought. Also, competition is good it is more social proof that your idea is probably sustainable.

Only a fraction of the people you think will buy your product, will buy your product

Various color pies divided into fractionsDon’t take it personally. Sometimes the time isn’t right, sometimes the product (or service) no longer fits the need or budget and sometimes people just change their minds. Of course, during research, people may objectively think they would like to buy the item, but when it comes to fruition, they don’t want it. Do not take “no” as a personal rejection, trust me, life is hard enough without making this personal.


Validate your ideas

A checklist with a pencil tick in one of the boxesThis is not the same as not taking all the advice on board, rather it is about making sure your customer wants what you’re selling. I will probably mention this in every blog I ever right forevermore, because if you do not create products that your clients want, tangible or service, they will not buy from you. Ask your clients, or potential clients, what they want and then give that to them.

But, I Hate Sales

A sale transationIf you hate selling, entrepreneurship is not for you. There, I said it. Whatever business you are in, you need customers to buy from you so that you make money. I suggest you either learn to love sales and understand that every time you tell people about things you love, then you are selling, or you seriously consider a different career. I’m serious, harsh as it seems, trying to be an entrepreneur when you don’t want to sell will only lead to heartache. If you want to work on your sales mindset, send a message through the “Contact Us” tab above. 


Confused Minds Do Not Buy

A man at a laptop looking confusedMake sure you are telling your customer exactly what the benefit is to them of the thing you are selling, not just the features. Make sure your customer knows what they will get from owning your product and what owning it will do for them. Focus on your customers and their needs, serve them in a way that addresses their needs, not yours.


Theatre lights improving visibilityVisibility

No-one can buy your product if they don’t know about your product. Visibility is a challenge for many people to come to terms with. Most people I meet don’t want to go on camera and be visible in their business, for whatever reason (which are as varied as the Earth), but if people don’t know you exist, they cannot search for you to find you. Visibility is about building your rapport with your clients and helping them to get to know and recognise you. Eventually they will begin to self-identify as your fans.

Continuous Improvement and Lifelong Learning 

A stack of textbooks - learningThis is the very motto and preface for my life. I am permanently enrolled in (and completing <- that bit is important) some form of education or course, because I love to learn and entrepreneurship in my opinion is literally about being paid to research and learn.

Learning is a necessary part of the journey, especially in the solopreneur space, where it is not always financially viable to hire somebody else, yet.

I like to learn a skill, and know how and why to do it, before I ask anyone else. That probably goes back to my hospitality days, where I would never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself (some parts of hospitality jobs are just vile). It has also saved me SO MUCH money in the long run, because things like SEO and fixing website hiccoughs are very expensive.

Learning new skills and topics and implementing those skills is tantamount to success in entrepreneurship and you also need to be prepared to make the investment in yourself. It is the single most valuable use of your time and money.

Believe in Yourself, No-one Else Can Do That for You

A boy lifting a very heavy weight above his head - self beliefEven as your Coach, I can believe in you and your idea until the cows come home (is that an expression where you’re from? Let me know in the comments) but if you don’t believe in yourself and your business, then my belief in you is largely pointless, because you just won’t believe me.

Honestly, I think you are amazing, and I love that you are ambitious and have a big juicy goal, but do you? If you don’t, then let’s start there. (Also have a read of my blog “More Than Enough” because you are, you really truly are more than enough)

I would love for you to feel as excited about your business and your continued success as I am. Nothing lights me up more than seeing people live out their dreams, it breaks my heart when I hear people say they are too afraid or don’t think they can, because you absolutely can. It is possible, and I can show you how. Let’s have a no obligation call and see if we can get you believing in you as much as I do. Book in here or use the “contact us” menu at the top of the page.


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